KSU# or NetID Lookup

When your information is recorded in our Student Information System (SIS), you will be assigned two unique identifiers: the KSU# and a NetID.

To set your NetID password:Once you submit the form below, your KSU # and NetID will be needed to set your NetID password.

The NetID is used to access 'online' services and tools. It will provide access to Owl Express, Email, Desire2Learn, Lab Resources, KSUConnect applications and Desktops with a single Username and Password.

The KSU# is used to access 'in person' services: for identity verification at campus offices,to open doors, and to make food and copy/print purchases.

Enter the reqested information below and click the "Submit" button to obtain your KSU# and NetID:

NOTE: ENTER LEGAL NAME, RATHER THAN WHAT YOU ARE CALLED (If you previously attended or worked at KSU under a different name, our records may still have your former name. If unsuccessful, please try the former name).

Last Name:
First Name:

*Important! You must enter last 4 digits of your SSN OR all 9 digits of your KSU ID (included with your KSU acceptance letter).

SSN (Last 4 digits):
OR (If you do not have SSN)
KSU ID (All 9 digits):