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Date(s) of Participation
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Kind of service provided   Administrative/Clerical
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  Clothing,Food,Book and Furniture Banks
  Elderly Care,Disabled, Hospice
  Health and Fitness
  Homeless and Shelters
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Title of Event/Project
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KSU1101 Service Learning Project)
Short Description of Event/Project
(e.g., Walked to raise money for March of Dimes research. Our group collected $1,000
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Decorated recycling bins and trash cans.)
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Who benefited from this project?
(e.g., Babies
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Families who live in the Legacy Park neighborhood)
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Impact on Community
(This event made students aware of health related issues
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Encouraged students to get more involved with recycling and the green movement)
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Number of people served by this event
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50 families )
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